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Light and Shadow at Pemberley eBook Cove

The first year of marriage for Darcy and Elizabeth, a summer of peace and happiness at Pemberley.  What could possibly disturb their bliss?  When Lady Catherine de Bourgh falls ill, events are set in motion that make life very complicated indeed.  Anne de Bourgh, freed from her mother’s oppression, joins the Darcys, and proves to be a much more interesting young lady than her family had ever imagined.  As friends gather at Pemberley, love and its uncertainties, secrets and misunderstandings all disturb the perfect harmony of the great house.  Can the shadows be vanquished and the light of Pemberley restored?  


Lee Elliott is a writer and artist who lives on a farm in the western mountains of Virginia with her husband, an environmental scientist, three dogs and innumerable chickens.



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