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Light and Shadow at Pemberley eBook Cove

A marriage ruled by passion...A lonely soul striving for life...A free spirit ambushed by love...

The first year of marriage for Darcy and Elizabeth, a summer of peace and happiness at Pemberley. What could possibly disturb their bliss? When Lady Catherine de Bourgh falls ill, events are set in motion that make life very complicated indeed. Anne de Bourgh, her ladyship’s plain and sickly daughter, is suddenly released from her mother’s oppression and sets out for Scotland with the Darcys while Lady Catherine recuperates in Bath. Anne proves to be a more inter‐ esting and tenacious young lady than her family had ever imagined, but will she have the courage to fight for love and freedom?

At Pemberley, Darcy’s friend John Grey is cataloging the library, enjoying a respite from a life of adventure. Grey is a scientist, explorer and the son of an infamous nobleman. He falls in love with Lady Margaret, daughter of Lord Faulconer and a neighbor of the Darcys. The two young people seem perfectly suited to each other, but will a tragic secret keep them apart?

As these friends gather at Pemberley, shadows begin to threaten the luminous harmony of the great house. Darcy and Elizabeth’s happiness is compromised by something unspoken, a reticence that could have fatal consequences. Misunderstandings arise between Anne and the man she loves. John Grey and Lady Margaret seem destined to be separated forever. Can the shadows be vanquished and the light of Pemberley restored?

Book no.2
Book no.1
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